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Shearsman (2018)

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"The world within Urn & Drum is a cornucopia of shapes, colours, and objects, fashioned almost as a gleeful, surreal picture-book; a playful naivety that leads to serious questions of what it means to exist and feel in the world. Through linguistic dexterity and play, [these poems] exclaim heartbreak and test the limits of language in a single line." —Rachael Allen


"In exquisite rituals of embodied and object orientated writing, Lila Matsumoto’s breath-taking new collection of poetry combines lightness of expression with a thrilling complexity of thought and emotion. There is joy and jouissance in this collection in abundance." —Colin Herd


"In Lila Matsumoto’s poems, a hyperintense focus on things felt and seen leads not to description, but to a parallel intensity of focused and patterned sound. From self-help muesli to grief bacon, these word-incursions of “unspeakable / loss + bliss” are worth a thousand pictures; alternate soundtracks for imaginary films." —Peter Manson

from 'ricochet', fortnightly review (2021)


'new food', with food people, counterflows zine (2021)


'eye bread', erotoplasty (2018) [link downloads pdf]


'By Likeness', MAP magazine (2017)


'checklist', with samantha walton, tripwire (2016) [link downloads pdf] 


'I saw her know', a)glimpse of) (2015)


'inclined plane', datableed (2015)


'strawflower', with adam butcher, datableed (2015)

'a toppled valise emanated waves', 'all of the pans in the kitchen', 'the dog wanted to go one way',

the weird folds: everyday poems from the anthropocene, dostoyevsky wannabe (2020)


'radio', A plume annual vol.2, museums press (2019)


'also delicious', 'right of way', 'trombone', 'geronimo's house', poetry london (2019)


'evening fast out the window', Murmur Anthology 1, Monitor Books (2019)


'alphabet', appendix in monsoon melody by thao nguyen phan, mousse publishing (2019)


'aubade', the evergreen: a new season in the north

vol iv (2019)


'windows regarden what is outside', wretched strangers, boiler house press (2018)


'always pleasing this quarter sun', in transit: poems of travel, emma press (2018) 


'or new', The World Speaking Back, Boiler House Press (2018)


soft troika, If a Leaf Falls Press (2016)


allegories from my kitchen, sad press (2015)


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